Our Beginning Posted January 6, 2014


The first time we walked through the halls of our new home, we knew what we wanted to do. All we could think of was turning this home into a comfortable bed and breakfast that we could share with the world.

As the hours turned to days and they days turned to months we began to wonder if we would ever see the end.

Wallpaper was stripped, carpet was torn, floors were sanded and walls came crashing down, as the dust began to clear we could begin to see the true beauty of the house.

But renovations were only the beginning, now it was time for the fun stuff, Decorating!

Taking inspiration from the house, myself and a lot of advice from my mother and sister we were able to bring house to life with a mix of Victorian styles and rustic charm.

Through it all we have been able to create a comfortable atmosphere that we would love to share with everyone.

After nearly 3 years of renovations we finally began to see our dream of a bed and breakfast come to light.